The Company Specializes In PP Non-woven Bag Which Are Of Large Quantities And Serves Printing Service On Demand In HCM City

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The Company Specializes In PP Non-woven Bag Which Are Of Large Quantities And Serves Printing Service On Demand In HCM City

PP Non-woven bag include these kinds of bags : supermarket bags, environmental non-woven bags, bags to contain moon cake, gift bags, promotional bags, … Hotline to bulk-buy non-woven fabric bags in HCM City : (84-272) 3900 228.

Shopping bags

Why many people love using pp non-woven bag?

PP Non-woven bag are versatile bags that are widely used by many companies and shops for trading these kinds of products : clothes, shoes, cosmetics, fruits, vegetable,… The bags are able to contain almost all the small items in different areas of trading. Therefore, the purpose of using non-woven fabric bags is now very diverse. That’s why the bag’s designs is diverse to serve specific demands.

The reasons people love using non-woven fabric bag are :

  • It can replace nilon bag, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to decompose
  • Safe for users’ health
  • Diverse designs and more fashionable than nilon bags.
  • Cost-saving
  • Can be reused many times

Here are the list of the most popular pp non-woven bag today!

Shopping bags

Supermarket pp non-woven bag help you to contain any food or household times when you go shopping in a supermarket. It can be fresh fish or hamburger, fried chicken or ice cream, … In this situation, using nilon bags is a terrible option. The carcinogens in the plastic will soak into the food, causing potential harm for people health.

Promotional pp non-woven fabric bags : Comparing to other traditional ways of advertising which are expensive yet not really effective, it is necessary for enterprises to find another solution – non-woven fabric bags which are diverse in designs, have clear and vivid images and logo, and the company information. Your products can also be exclusively designed to promote your own brand and all of these things do not cost too much money – it can have a very effective advertising effect. Customers ought to choose the supplying center that has thick experiences and a manufacturer that provides the products directly, as these places ensure to supply enough materials, modern machines as well as high-skilled sewing workers.

Environmental pp non-woven bag : This is the kind of bags that are mostly used – both used in daily lives and production business. This kind of bag is very environmentally friendly, easy to decompose sand safe for consumers’ health

Duong Vinh Hoa Company – Specializing in sewing and supplying pp non-woven bag on demand, with large quantities and cheap prices in HCM City

Low-cost pp non-woven bag

Non-woven fabric factory in Viet Nam – Duong Vinh Hoa Company is the leading unit in the market with more than 25 years of experiences in the industry and possesses production capacity up to more than 22 million bags/year, satisfying large demands of non-woven fabric bags of company customers.

4 business forms for non-woven fabric bags of Duong Vinh Hoa

  • Factory of non-woven bag does not sew directly: Customers are allowed to be active to check the product sources. The products always have warranty policy. Complete in the allotted time. Product quality is always good. Best price in the market. We do supply mass production up to hundreds of thousands on demand. Free design on request, …
  • Commercial business: Diverse designs and prices, constantly updated. Provide a large number of categories to update suitable trends, free delivery, return policy if there is any error and flexible payment ..
  • Wholesale – retail: Purchase 1-2 bags everyday for each non-business consumer. Wholesale is at lower prices to serve the needs of business customers who need to buy non-woven bags in bulk.
  • Export: Besides meeting the needs of consuming all kinds of woven-non-woven bags in the country, Duong Vinh Hoa also promotes export activities to foreign markets, especially to European countries. .

Hotline to order non-woven fabric bags in large quantities in HCM City : (84-272) 3900 228.



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