Fertiliser Bag​

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Fertiliser bag

Fertiliser Bag

Today, aquaculture and industrial-argricutural crops can’t exist without the contribution of fertiliser. Especially, for mass growing, fertiliser is a necessary option, both economical and effective. Therefore, the fertiliser manufacturing industry has been growing much stronger, leading to the needs of fertiliser bag become more necessary and continuous.

Feature of Fertiliser Bag​

In general, there are two types of fertiliser exist on the market today : organic and inorganic (chemial fertiliser) . With any fertiliser, the company always needs a suitable kind of packages.

We commonly use the PP material to make fertiliser bag due to these features:

  • PP bag is reviewed as an oridnary packaging line, able to design diversely to serve the fisheries and agriculture.
  • Most of the farmers and fishermen can reuse the fertiliser thanks to its convinience in the daily life. Therefore, customers prefer to use fertiliser bag to bring diversity to the consumers.
  • By frequent contact and being affected by the outside environment, PP fertiliser bag has high durability and is suitable for practical use.
Bao bì pp dệt - Công ty sản xuất bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Dương Vinh Hoa - The Unit That Produces And Supplies Fertiliser Bags In Large Quantities

Fertiliser bag


With more than 20 years of expreriences, Duong Vinh Hoa is proud to be the company that provides consulting, designing, supplying services and creative- impressive ideas to the customers.

Fertiliser bag


Fertiliser bag produced by Duong Vinh Hoa is sure to get you sastified from the quality to the look of the product and it can meet the maximum requirements of any business.

Fertiliser bag

Factory system

With the factory system equiped by modern machines, huge and strong production scope, customers can totally count on us in the quality of the fertiliser bag field.

Classification and the process of producing

Woven PP plastic

Structure: woven PP applied Flexo printing, wrapped in PE bag, left with foled hip and one close head bag

Features 2 types :

  • Transparent PP fabirc: colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic. Consumers can observe the condition of the products, leading to the customers having faith in the brand. Moreover, the direct observation thing can help the fertiliser bag becomes more attractive to the consumers.
  • Opaque PP fabric : PP fabric becomes more opaque when we add other materials to increase its ability to remove PP layers as well as reduce the costs. In addition, opaque PP fabric package has higher mechanical strength than
    transparent PP fabric has.

Printing :

We use Flexo printing to this kind of package. This is a specilized printing machines for woven PP fabric, which helps optimize the ink color, and create vividness on the printed

Composite film (BOPP)

Structure : woven PP laminated with OPP applied gravure printing, wrapped by PE bag, left with foled hip and one close head

Features : 

  • Woven PP fabric is mechanically high, durable, creating mechanical strength for the products. Due to its interwoven structure, fertiliser bag can withstand horizontal – vertical forces come from many sides, pulling force and most importantly, the impact force on the product.
  • With this structure, your fertiliser will always be guaranteed not to be damaged during storage and transportation processes.

Printing :

With composite film BOPP, we intend to conduct printing by the modernest printing
techinique – gravure printing. These steps include:

  • Stage 1 : Laminating stage : the composite film will be laminated with a woven PP layer, creatint the semi-product ( the semi-product can withstand the tention of the fertiliser during the packaging process)
  • Stage 2 : Cutting and Gluing processes : a complex roll of PP plastic and BOPP will be created in this stage
  • Stage 3:Finish : fertiliser bag will be sewed with one head and sent to be packaged. After that, we will conduct the testing process once again before delivering products to the customers..

Today, the market of fertiliser packaging industry is so diverse : NPK fertiliser bags, organic fertiliser bags, Super Lan fertiliser bags,… We Duong Vinh Hoa has been providing lots of packaging designs to many big companies that manufacture fertiliser. With our experiences, professional manner and thoughtfulness, we commit to provide our customers with the best quality of fertiliser bags, meeting increasing demands of the fertiliser industry market today.

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