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Environmental non-woven bag
Shopping bags

Environmental non-woven bag or reusable non-woven shopping bags is widely used in daily life and business activities. Many enterprises have recognized the values and advantages the products can bring to the packaging, marketing and promoting the brand fields. Reusable non-woven shopping bags replacing nilon bag not only makes economic efficiency but also is an effective solution to reduce a large amount of watse existing in the environment, contributing to the protection of our living environmen.

What is environmental non-woven bag?

Environmental non-woven bag is a kind of bag that made of non-woven fabric (PP). This fabric is made of twisted, soft and waterproof.

  • PP/ Nonwoven fabric is created by using a similar fabric made from long fibers, bound together by heat or solvent treatment. Because this fabric is not woven like other conventional fabrics
    are, it is called non-woven fabric. It is easy to get decompose so it is rated as an environmentally friendly material.
  • Non-woven material can make the life expectancy of the bag lasts up to 5 years, the practical benefit of the bag is to be able to print the company logo which is an excellent advertising way appearing at a very low price. Most businesses use it as gifts and marketing programs. The customers who receive them can reuse these
    bags many times, so they accidentally promote the brand in everywhere.

In the future, reuseble non-woven shopping bags can become a new trend of the era. Moreover, non-woven bags are more superior than other kinds of ordinary bags becuase they have higher durability, elasticity, aesthetics, water resistance, heat resistance …

Therefore, non-woven bags can completely replace nilon bags and are very suitable for our daily lives : we can use them as Tet gift bags, promotional bags,
shopping bags, …

Shopping bags

Advantages of environmental non-woven bag

Shopping bags
Water resistance

The first advantage needs mentioning is high water resistance. Especially in the raining days, the consumers can feel secure because the bag is not easy to get soaked in water.

Shopping bags
Highly durable

Environmental non-woven bags are highly durable thanks to the suitable composed granules.

Shopping bags
Hight ant-hygroscopic

Second, environmental non-woven bags are hight ant-hygroscopic. This helps prevent toxic materials from reaching the inner products.

Shopping bags
Pioneer unit

With more than 25 years of experiences, Duong Vinh Hoa is not only a pioneer unit but also a South East Asia leading company in manufacturing and supplying environmental non-woven bags.

Shopping bags
Environmentally friendly

Non-woven bags have extremely good environmental protection benefits. Reusing them significantly reduces a huge number of bags needed. The products have better recycled value than traditional PET bags have.

Non-woven bag production process

Kho nguyên liệu công ty bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Stage 1: Calculate the specifications

Công đoạn kéo sợi của công ty sản xuất bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Stage 2 : Printing stage

Công đoạn dệt bao của công ty sản xuất bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Stage 3 : Sewing stage

Công đoạn dệt bao của công ty sản xuất bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Stage 4 : Testing stage

Công đoạn in màng boop/flexico của công ty sản xuất bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Stage 5 : Packaging stage

Printing Techniques

Shopping bags

Reusable non-woven shopping bag has lots of advantages in terms of printing, every technique can print on non-woven fabric material, in order to create good logos that can get impressed by the observers.

Shopping bags
Thermal-transfer printing

Thermal-transfer printing is a digital printing method applied to paper and non- woven fabric by heating the ribbon overlay layer so that it can stick to the printed material.

Shopping bags
Silk printing

Silk printing which is also called as mesh printing – is a form of printing technique that is popularly used in production and printing non-woven bags processes.

Shopping bags
Gravure printing

Gravure printing which is also known as concave printing is a printing technique that uses a coated-copper printing axis ( with the copper thickness is around 100 microns), the printing elemens ( images, handwriting) are engraved deeply and under the surface of the printing axis. The non-printing elements are staying on the surface of the printing axis and most of the applications of gravure printing technique are mainly in roll-shapes.

Clarify environmental

According to the forms

  • Cut, perforated non-woven bags: these are high quality non-woven bags. They are made from PP non-woven and customized according to customer requirements based on specific parameters. This type of bag is often used as
    supermarket bags in big supermarkets. Such high-end bags are environmentally friendly, easy to decompose, have high quality of materials and light weight. Therefore, they are very easy to carry and also reusable.
  • Non-woven clothes bags: Such bags are both eye catching and environmentally friendly. Due to that reason, many fashion brands use this material in a popular way.

According to their functions

  • Supermarket bags : This is the most popular non-woven bag line today. With the goal of keeping the environment green and clean, big supermarkets now have started to put supermarket bags into practical use and aim to completely replace all kinds of plastic bags
  • Tet gift bags : Be able to print eye-catching motifs, so that this kind of bag is
    used to contain Tet gifts.
  • Promotional bags : Enterprises can easily print their brand logos onto these
    bags which is a very effective way to promote their brands.
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