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Building material package

Material Packaging

As we know, the construction industry today has been constantly broading from the market, scope to the products that support the industry are developing strongly. In particular, building material package is one of the most concerned product because it is directly related to how we preserve quality of the materials contained inside

Why do we need building

Material Packaging?

In the group of construction materials, cement is the product consumed in extremely large quantities. This leads to the fact that cement package is the most well-known type of packages

However, we also have other material packages that are worth caring like:

  • Lime packages
  • Mortar packages
  • Glue packages
  • Brick packages
  • Plaster packages

We can see that most of the construction materials are in the powder or dust form, so it is really difficult to preserve and transport them. Therefore, how we design the packages of construction materials is a top priority for any business that produces building materials.

A proper building material package needs to meet the criteria such as anti-hygroscopic, waterproof, …, and optimize the convenience of storage and transportation. In addition, people also care of how business information is conveyed to customers through product packages. Therefore, building material packages can be considered as a marketing channel for businesses, which need to be invested and designed for marketing purposes

Building material package

Duong Vinh Hoa - Professional unit supplying
building material packages

Building material package


Duong Vinh Hoa Packaging is proud to be a professional company that has been consulting, designing, supplying packages for more than 20 years. We provide new and creative ideas which are different and impressive to the customers.

Building material package


With the factory system equiped with up-to-date machines, huge production scope, Duong Vinh Hoa is confident in our quality of construction material packages when they come to the customers.

Building material package

Professional services

With our professional services, we have been releasing high quality construction material packages that reflect criteria every business desires to have, meeting increasing competitive environment between enterprises in the construction industry today.

Clarify building material packages

Woven pp plastic packages laminated with kraft papaer

As we know, Kraft laminated package is a popular type of package due to its durability, high moisture suck, basic price. Kraft paper after being treated with laminated woven PP plastic becomes stronger so that we can print business information onto it. With this type of paper, we recommend customers choose Flexo printing or Offset printing.
Flexo printing :

  • Flexo printing has a mold made of photopolymer plastic with photochemical method, CTP or laser gravure. This is a direct printing technique, the print embossed with ink is sent to the mold by a metal axis, and the surface is concavely gravured with many small cells called anilox. Kraft paper construction material packages applied Flexo printing will then be laminated with woven PP plastic, left with folded hip and open mouth (depending on customer requests)
  • If we use Kraft laminated woven PP plastic to apply Flexo printing method, we will have the finished products called KP bags ( as known as cement bags). Besides, depending on specific of each product and customer requests, packaging structure will add PE bags that are anti- hygroscopic or a Kraft paper layer inside ( KP bags are now called KPK bags ).
  • Kraft paper bags are favoured for its eco friendliness, high mechanical strength, and smooth surface, helping the printing be clear, meeting almost every customer request. Moreover, its reasonable price makes this sort of package becomes widely used by construction material supplying companies.
  • Flexo printing method releases not really high quality but consistent products. It has fast production capacity so it is usually applied in carton printing, decal labels, … Therefore, this is the economical solution for any business when they print on their construction material packages.

Offset printing :

Different from Flexo printing, when we apply offset printing method, we can use Kraft paper, Couche paper and Ford paper. Package structure used in offset printing includes : paper (Couche paper, Kraft paper, Ford paper) will be laminated with BOPP film, then be laminated with woven PP plastic, wrapped with Kraft paper to be anti-hygroscopic, finally be folded and sewed both heads

With this techinque, your construction material packages will be updated into more high quality products compared to the packages that applied Flexo printing method with these features:

  • Because the package has 3 layers : BOPP film – Paper – woven PP plastic so that the construction material package applied this printing techinique is thicker and stronger, ensuring safety when transporting the products with unbroken inside materials.
  • Offser printing technique releases eye-catching colors, sharp images, helps to make good impression on the customers.
  • The copies have longer life expactancy because they don’t have to contact directly to the printed surface during the printing process.

Bopp laminated packages

  • With this kind of packages, gravure printing is the optimal choice.
  • With gravure printing method, we start from lamiating woven PP plastic, then wrap LDPE/HDPE bags to make the products anti-hygroscopic. The packages will be sewed with one head close and one head open.
  • Because the package is made of plastic so it is highly anti-hygroscopic, suitable for highend material products such as wall adhesive, brick adhesive,…
  • Today, construction material packages laminated with BOPP film applied gravure printing has an important role in promoting the brand of the company. This kind of construction material package releases very clear images, making special specific for the company, meeting aesthetic needs for both the company and the consumers.
  • Construction industry is continuously growing and needs lots of materials, it means the construction material package industry will need to constanly improve and update. Duong Vinh Hoa honours to accompany the development journey with your company.
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