BOPP Laminated
PP Woven Bags

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa

Common Description

Printing : Gravure printing
Material : PP + BOPP film
Sealing : Heat seal
Color : Many 
Size : Custom
Samples : Yes
Weight : 70 gr – 150 gr, Custom
Lead time : 10-17 days after payment
Price : Contact for accurate pricing
Application : Agricultural, construction and industrial product packaging
Customisation : Yes

Origin: Vietnam
MOQ : 30,000 – 40,000 pcs
Payment : L/C , T/T
Shipping : FCL, many
Certificate : HACCP , FSSC 22000 by Intertek, SEDEX SMETA 4P
QC : Tensile check, load check, print quality check
Supply ability :
BOPP / Kraft Laminated PP Woven Bags Back seam style: 250.000 sacks/day
BOPP / Kraft Laminated PP Woven Bags Tubular style: 130.000 sacks/day
Packaging & delivery : Normally 1000 pcs/ bale, can be customized
Port of loading : Ho Chi Minh City Port

What is a BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bag?

BOPP laminated PP woven bag is a high-class product sorted in PP bags category. Combined with gravure printing technology, this package is not only durable but can also be printed with any design according to your needs.


  • Bag body: Woven from Polypropylen resin
  • Tube weaving width: 30 ~ 120 cm
  • Textile fabric weight: from 60gr/m2 ~ 150gr/m2
  • Liner PE/HD (Metalized) : 60 mic ~ 37 gr


  • BOPP laminated PP woven bags side gusset, single/double folded bottom with single/double stitched.
  • BOPP laminated PP woven bags side gusset, with PE liner, E-Z Open sewing mouth.
  • BOPP laminated PP woven bags side gusset, top heat cut, bottom sewing with tape.
  • BOPP bags sewing top/bottom with tape 
  • BOPP laminated PP woven bags Tubular style.
  • BOPP laminated PP woven bags Back seam style.
Bao bì pp dệt hình ảnh sắc nét - Công ty bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Main characteristics of BOPP Bags

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa


The product is woven from colorless, odorless, tasteless PP plastic beads. This creates high mechanical strength to resisting effect of tearing force, pulling force, impacts etc.

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa


Capacity load from 5kg-100kg, produce as customer's request. Capable of meeting needs of different product types.

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa

High Quality

The production process is professional, modern, conducted in accordance with standards and regulations. Thus creating uniform quality and durability.

High production

Our large-scale factory containing more than 50 high-tech textile machines and multiple production lines. We can respond to large quantities orders quickly and on schedule.

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa

Modern printing

The gravure printing system with sharp, beautiful shadows. This helps improve the aesthetics, reinforce the trust and impression of customers .

Components & Compositions

Màng BOPP mờ - Công ty bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa


The product compose of PP woven fabric + PP coated glue + BOPP film (w/ gravure printing)

There are two types of BOPP film:

  • Matte BOPP film
  • Glossy BOPP film
Vải dệt pp dùng chế tạo bao bì pp dệt


PP fabric provides load bearing qualities

PP coated glue connects the  film and fabric

BOPP film is printed on to create graphics but also prevent moisture absorption, reinforcing the product’s contents


  • Gravure printing technology is currently the modern printing method applied to printing, packaging, … especially BOPP gravure printing. The gravure printing machine can be used on all film materials, mixed laminates, providing customers high quality products.

  • BOPP gravure printing is based on the principle of concave printing, that is, on printed molds, images or writing (called printed elements) indented into the metal surface.
  • When printing, The ink is applied to the surface of the mold, it will also fill the indentations of the print element, after which the excess ink will be removed away from the surface of the mold. When the ink is pressed  under pressure it will transfer to the surface of the material.
  • BOPP gravure plastic packaging has been chosen and trusted by many customers. Duong Vinh Hoa apply this method to ensure customers would receive the highest quality products.

In ấn màng BOPP - Công ty bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Stage 1: Printing BOPP film

Công đoạn tráng ghép với PP dệt

Stage 2: Coating the film with PP fabric

Công đoạn cắt dán tạo thành phẩm

Stage 3: Cutting into parts

Công đoạn may thành phẩm

Stage 4: Sewing parts

Công đoạn đóng gói thành phẩm

Stage 5: Packing final products

Different Types of BOPP bags

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa

Tubular / Circular

After the manufacturing process, a tubular woven bag (without backing) is made up of a fabric woven by a circular loom. The woven fabric is cut to the right length thereby eliminating seams at the two edges of the bag.

PP bags with laminated film backing /w EZ open feature

Back woven PP bags have of no coated edges, which increase product aesthetics. The seams prevent the bag from falling and the EZ Open function allows the bag to easily open at the top.

Bao bì BOPP - Công ty bao bì uy tín Dương Vinh Hoa

Matte/Glossy laminated finish

The design can be printed with up to 8-10 colours capable of providing sharp images. The lamination can be done with a matte or glossy finish. We can also do gravure print the front side and flexo print the back to cut costs for the client.

PP bags with handles

Depending to the customer's request, BOPP bags can come with or without handles.


  • BOPP bags can contain agriculture products: Rice, grain, seed, coffee, cashew, pepper…
  • Different Powder products: Wheat flour, frying flour, shrimp powder, fermented corn, etc.
  • Different types of Animal feed: beef, dairy, equine, shrimp, pig, cow, broilers, etc.
  • Plastic resins: PP, PVC, PC, etc.
  • Fertiliser: Inorganic/organic fertilizer, plants, micro-quantity, etc.
  • Chemicals: additives and minerals, etc.
  • Construction Materials: Cement, sand, stone,…

Common Specifications for

BOPP bags

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Circular/Tubular bags
  • Backseam 
  • EZ-Open feature
  • Up to 1-10 colours

By providing us one of the following options

  • Option 1: kích thước, lưới, denier, kĩ thuật in ấn;
  • Option 2: kích thước, GSM, in ấn;
  • Option 3: trọng lượng pg, mỗi barring. 
  • Option 4: trọng lượng tải, cách sử dụng, chúng tôi có thể thiết kế túi hoàn hảo trên ý tưởng của bạn.

Duong Vinh Hoa will produce to what you specify

Width minimum 30 cm,

Height maximum 120cm. 

MOQ: 20.000 – 30.000 bags for each size/design

Shipment: FCL Shipment 

Hotline: 02723900228
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