Plastic bags

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Plastic bags

Plastic bags

Plastic bag contains plastic and is made of plastic. It doesn’t exist in nature and are all manual. It is thin, anti-hygroscopic and durable. Today, in order to produce safe packages, manufacturer use transparent plastic granules that are extracted from petroleum.

Detailed structure

Materials used to produce plastic bags are various, and one of the most widely-used material is plastic. Plastic is not naturally available but is separated during the petroleum filtering process.

Today, Vietnam plastic granules are imported from countries with the
most developed industries in the world. Plastic packaging industry has been strongly growing, meeting diverse needs of the customers, leading to the development of the plastic industry.

Every granule type has special features and generally there are 5 types of them:

  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PP (polypropylene)
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • PC (Polycarbonate)
  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
Bao bì pp dệt - Công ty sản xuất bao bì Dương Vinh Hoa

Special Feature

Plastic bags


Transparent, thin light, smooth surface, soft, anti-hygroscopic, easy to get damaged when contacting with strong detergents like alcohol or aromatic essential oils.

Plastic bags


Transparent, mechanically strong, abrasion resistant and not affected by the ingredients of food, be able to withstand high temperatures but gas resistance and water resistance are lower than PP, with the price is quite high, so this kind of granule is kinda limited.

Plastic bags


Mechanically strong, stiff, not easy to pull, but easy to tear when there is a cut or puncture, produces clear surface pringint, O2 resistant, waterproof, oil resistant,...

Plastic bags


We use this type of granule to make bottles due to its high durability, high bearing if there is any impact and high rigidity. Normally, plastic bags are applied commonly in the plastic industry.

Plastic bags


Quite stiff and aren’t used to make packages, only used to make plastic goods.

Dương Vinh Hoa - South East Asia Leading Company in Manufacturing and Supplying Plastic Bags

Plastic bags


Duong Vinh Hoa is the pioneer who recognizes the potential of the plastic industry and focuses on investing on producing many kinds of plastic bags, “bags contain plastic” to meet huge needs of the customers.

Plastic bags


With more than 25 years in the manufacturing and supplying products and “bags contain plastic”, Duong Vinh Hoa commits to provide the best quality “bags contain plastic” to satisfy Vietnamese and international demands.

Popular types of “Bags contain plastic”

Types of laminated films in “Bags contain plastic” industry

There are 4 popular types:

  • BOPP film is highlywaterproof and mechanical strong
  • OPP film is similar to BOPP in the waterproof feature. Moreover, this kind of film
    is usually used in the Offset printing techinque.
  • Paper film absorbs moisture so well so that it is very suitable for products that are in powder or dust form. Paper also makes the package more stiff.
  • Metalize film is a special film that is UV resistant and waterproof.

Common features of “Bags contain plastic” :

  • Plastic bags are often odorless and tasteless
  • Plastic package is able to withstand pasteurization and freezing temperatures
  • Various types of plastic packages with easy label printing
  • Plastic granules package is often lighter than other packages, very convenient for transportation and distributioni
  • Plastic package is composed of 2 to 3 plastic materials to provide fuller features to the package

Popular types of “Bags contain plastic” or the market

1. Jumbo

Jumbo (big bag, FIBC, bulk bag ) contains plastic granules that are made of woven PP with the thread thickness suitable for the holding capacity. Depending on customer requests, jumbo bag will appear in white or beige colors.

  • Jumbo bag which contains plastic granules is laminated with a PP layer or wrapped by a PE bag in order to make Jumbo bag waterproof, anti-hygroscopic and preserve the inside plastic grains.
  • Design: Jumbo bag is commonly designed in square shape. The special design helps the packaging process be done quiclky and tightly. The bag often has an
    open button so that the customers can easily open the bag and let anything they want out of the jumbo.
  • Size : 90cm x 90cm x 120cm or 90cm x 90cm x 125cm in common
  • Jumbo bag has 4 lifting straps with a loop of 25cm – 30cm, which helps to transport bags by forklift quickly and safely.
  • Jumpo bag ( big bag ) that contains plastic granules is able to print Flexo from 1 to 2 sides of thr bag with 1 to 4 colours
  • Moreover, Jumbo ( big bag ) is also sewed with an extra A4 document so that the customers can put the product information sheet into the bag, helping the product management more convenient.
  • With the standards made by the Jumbo Louispack manufacturer, we need to
    ensure 5:1 safety factor for the 1-period-used bags and 6:1 safety factor for the packages that have been recycled many times.

400kg – 500kg Jumbo bag is usually used to contain plastic granules like pp, pvc, pe,… with weight of 500kg, 750 kg, 1000kg. Moreover, jumbo bag is also used to contain plastic embryos with weight runs from 400 kg to 500kg.

2. “Bags contain plastic” from Kraft paper

  • Kraft paper bag is made from Kraft paper which is a kind of paper going through a Kraft process to change soft pupl into Kraft papers.
  • Kraft bag is usually used to contain the products weigh from 5 to 25kg. Depending on the product’s weights, the manufacturer will combine a suitable number of layers or laminate the products with woven PP.
  • Kraft bag weighs 25kg/bag. The manufacturer usually discuss with their customers about the woven PP laminated with Kraft paper materials for cost optimization. ( also known as KP bag)

Includes a Kraft layer made from Japan ( 70-75gr/m2) + laminated adhesive + woven PP. Specifications of PP bags contaon plastic granules usually are:

  • Size : width 45 cm + Hip 10cm + Length 85 cm
  • Packaging process : The paper bag will get the sewed bottom, the manufaturer will deliver with a seperate paper so the customer can sew the open mouth of the bag.
  • Printing : Kraft bag is usually applied flexo printing from 1 to 4 colours in 1 to 2 sides of the bag.

For some special products, customers can ask to get an PE layer inside the products to maintain the best quality of the products.

3. “Bags contain plastic’ BOPP woven PP

Is a product made from woven PP combined with PP. If you still find it hard to understand, let take a look at any presen cement bag. This is a very popular and useful product that are highly recommended by experts with another name is “PP bag”.

Its composition usually has the below features:

  • The outer layer : made of Kraft paper, this layer appears in white/ brown white/ grey/ white colours… depending on the additives. The PP bag needs to use this paper layer because it needs to absorb moisture to protect the products. On the other hand, this is the way that helps the printing process happens easily
  • The inner layer : made of colorless, tasteless, odorless Polypropylene plastic granules combined with other additives. This layer helps the product suffers from impact force, fighting against any contact that leads to the damage and preventing
    the air from affecting the product quality negatively.
  • PP bag is made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials
  • The products are easy to treat after being used, do not cause air pollution like nilon or other lines of packages that are existing on the market today.
  • Moreover, PP plastic bag has high bearing capacity and superior durability. On the other hand, the package is highly anti-hygroscopic so that it effectively protects
    the inner product
  • In addtition, the product can bear 25 kg, is easy to package, convenient in the transporting process.
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