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Bao Bì PP dệt nhiều màu sắc

Animal feed woven bags

Animal feed woven bag belongs to the agricultural bag group and is used to contain specific food for cattle. This is also the way farmers use to preserve livestock food. Moreover, animal feed bag is a commodity which is of high import demands from those who supply animal feed.
Product line of “Animal feed bags” from Laminated bags

The superior features of composite laminated bags

  • The products are produced from modern machines and the factoy which has been certified with ISO 9000, ISO 14000
  • With different sizes, there are various kinds of bags that can help you get the most suitable solution for the products, as well as ensure aesthetics and customer tastes.
  • The materials are warranted to be supplle, not easy to get broken during the production process in high pressure and temperature.
  • Be able to keep its natural odor, more convinient than canned foods like chicken, beef, pork, fish and crab,…
  • Rolls with supple plastic bags and suitable diameter according to customers & automatic packaging machines.

Product - Animal Feed Woven Bag From Laminated Packaging


Composite laminated film which is also called as Composite plastic film is a kind of package that is laminated with lots of layers in order to increase the preservation capacity up to 24 months. It has the best properties of its composed materials : air-blocking, light-blocking, moisture-proof, waterproof, tough but still supple, print information onto the packaging surface to promote the brand so easily. In short, it is very suitable to produce laminated bags with high quality. Abbreviations:

  • OPP : Oriented Polypropylene
  • OPmaat : Oriented Polypropylene Mat
  • PET : Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • PA : Polyamide
  • LDPE : Low Density Polyethylene
  • CPP

Bao thức ăn gia súc


There are many kinds of laminated film : OPP, OPP matt  PET, PA, CPP, LDPE, AL , MCPP, MPET... and when we use them to conduct laminating we will get a composite laminated film rolls.

  • OPP/MPET/PE : 80 ~ 120 mic
  • PET/MPET/PE : 80 ~ 120 mic
  • OPP/PE : 45 ~ 120 mic
  • OPP/CPP : 45 ~ 60 mic
  • OPP/MCPP : 40 ~ 60 mic
  • PET/PE : 45 ~ 150 mic
  • PA/PE : 70 ~ 150 mic

Production Techniques

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