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Rice bags

WPP Empty Sack For Rice

  • According to the latest report of the Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Vietnam’s rice exports are still in a state of large sales but small income. Specifically, in the first nine months of 2019, the rice export production was estimated of 5.2 million tons ( 5.9% increase ) , but was only worth 2.24 billion USD (decreased by nearly 10% compared to the same period last year)
  • With the current situation, Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong affirmed: "We are still maintaining food security and partly export suitably. Besides, the next issue that needs to be concerned is to
    re-organize domestic market to ensure good quality rice with high supplying capacity.” Therefore, we can clearly see that rice bag is one of the key element affecting on consumption. A high quality rice bag will bring a competitive advantage for both in and outside of the country.
Rice bags

Production Process Of WPP Empty Sack For Rice

  • Using woven PP bags laminated with BOPP if you want to have a high quality WPP empty sack for rice – having high bearing capacity, be able to build your brand fame, and very environmentally friendly.
  • Use gravure printing techinque for BOPP film then laminate it with woven PP, the back
    side can be applied with flexo printing (depending on your needs), the finished WPP empty sack for rice will get bottom sewing, straps sewing, identification stamps sewing,…

Step 1 :
Plastic granules

Step 2 :
Spin thread

Step 3 :

Step 4 :
Laminate with BOPP

Step 5 : Apply flexo printing if applicable

Step 6 :
Finished products

WPP Empty Sack For Rice's role

  • Honestly, our rice market has experienced a strong development. We can easly come across lots of rice labels with very eye-catching packages and designs on supermarket shelf. Even traditional market has been selling many types of rice which are packaged with clear origin with a view to avoiding fake rice, protecting consumers’ health. Therefore, a clear and prestigious agriculutural bag will help the customers feel safe to use.

  • Moreover, the value of our country’s export rice still remains as a pity. Vietnam is believed to be a country with special competitive advantage in rice production thanks to the very suitable natural conditions for producing paddle with two big deltas as well as experienced farmers, so why we let the situation where our rice price is lowered to the point that makes it no longer be any competive? The answer should be because our country hasn’t invested in Vietnamese rice brand in the right way.
  • Having high quality products is not enough to be competitive in the marketplace, specially in the international market – because it only ensures the brand’s long-term prestige. But in order to get
    to the long-term prstige stage, we must take our first step. And rice bag is exactly the factor to determine whether the product is picked up by the customers. And most of Vietnamese business
    has not really invested in their brands – their images, messages, and rice bags.
  • In the era of economic integration, especially the signing of trade agreements such as FTA, TPP, are opening for Vietnamese agricultural products- rice has the opportunity to encroach into some fastidious markets such as the USA, Japan and Europe. However, this is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for the competitive capacity of Vietnamese rice in the international marketplace.
  • Therefore, Vietnamese rice enterprises need to carefully plan their development strategies, investing on their brand fame, especially on their packages as we have metioned above.

Duong Vinh Hoa Specializing In Supplying WPP Empty Sack For Rice In Large Quanities And Of High Quality

Rice bags

Design consultancy

Duong Vinh Hoa Packaging specializes in consulting, designing, and supplying rice bags in large quanities and of high quality. Having more than 20 years of experiences as well as professional employees and modern technique, we are confident to claim that we can bring you enterprises very impressive rice bags with suitable costs.

Rice bags

Product quality

We will optimize your business demands and send you the most useful solution. From the image, content, structure, to the messages that each business want to achieve, we will materialize everything and help your rice products become a necessary option for the customers.

Production techniques

Detailed description of rice bags

There are many materials that are used to make rice bags, including woven PP which is the most favourite material because it has these advantages : suitable for diverse sizes, lower cost, higher bearing capacity than other matherials. The popular types are : 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kgs. If foreign company buys and packages rice by themselves in Vitenam then the rice weight for each bag is calcuted in their measurement units.

Advantages of woven PP rice bags :

  • Tough packaging structure thanks to the woven PP layer being durable and having the ability to withstand impact force & ensure the products won’t get broken during the packaging and transporting processes.
  • Very clear printing quality, eye-catching colours, high quality images, aesthetics,
    honest, impressive
  • Highly waterproof so it is very useful when being exported by sea for a long
    period of time.

There are two main types of rice bags :

  • Exported rice bags: They should be of high quality. In this case, we prefer to use woven PP bags laminated with BOPP film applied gravure printing. Moreover, depending on customer demands we can use PE bag ( or PP ) to put into woven
    PP bags. This kind of combination will produce high quality rice bags, but also require higher costs than ordinary flexo printed bags.
  • Domestic rice bags: It should have simple structure like woven PP – we just use laminated PP adhesive for the surface, or unlaminated woven PP. The maquette printing design thing will be conducted based on flexo printing tehinque, leading to the polymer printing having lower cost than gravure carving cost. This is the advantage of flexo printed bags when the product is domestic rice.

Woven PP rice bags have the first raw material as virgin plastic granules (T3034, 1102K) imported from Saudi Arabia, Thailand or from domestic materials of Dung Quat. We mainly use plastic granules which are milk white color or transparent, and if we want the package to be more colorful we have to mix it with color plastic granules called Master Batch.

Product structure

Product structure : woven PP fabirc + PP laminated adhesive + BOPP film ( applied gravure printing techinque)

  • Woven PP fabric layer’s main feature is bearing capacity, the PP layer will get the BOPP embossed with the woven PP. BOPP is anti-hygroscopic and increases the product’s mechanical strength.
  • Use the above product structure to replace the structure ( woven PP bag + HDPE bag ). Moreover, with good designs of the packages, the businesses can express the messages of their brand.

Cautions for using

  • Rice bag must be packaged according to its standard load, follow its storage process properly (temperature, outdoor activities, ….),, and stay true to the calculated product structure to suit the product contained inside
  • The warehouse’s storage is also very important: preserving in a dry, cool place, avoiding rain and sunshine that can reduce the bag’s durability
  • The laying layer arrangement when the bag is filled with the product: 10 layers is maximum , the layers need to be arranged neatly so the force is equally distributed.
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