Preeminent Features Of Non-Woven Fabric Roll

Non-woven fabric roll supplier with large quantities

Preeminent Features Of Non-Woven Fabric Roll

Non-woven fabric roll is a very popular product on the market today. It is widely used in businesses to produce items such as cloth bags, medical masks, household items like curtains,…

Non-woven fabric roll

Applications of non-woven fabric roll

  1. Non-woven fabric roll used in the industry : non-woven fabric roll is becoming much more popular in the industries such as automotive interior decoration, seat covers, doors, roofs, soft liner and composite materials in the automotive industry.
  2. Non-woven fabric roll is used to product clothes, especially used for lining, single-use pant, interlining, protective clothes, shoulder pads, working clothes, labels,…
  3. Non-woven fabric products used for healthcare : diapers, surgery clothes, masks, scandals, towels, band-aids, sterilized wet tissues,…
  4. Other products ; household items, decorative items, footwear material and leather bags, carpets, sheets, bedspread, artificial skin, …
Bulk-buying non-woven fabric rolls

Advantages and preeminent features of non-woven fabric roll

  • The greatest advantage of non-woven fabric roll is that it is very safe and has been recognized as eco-friendly material. After being used, it can decompose itself after 2-5 years in ordinary natural environment without producing any toxic waste.
  • The second advantage that needs mentioning is its quality is very good. It is light, breathable, durable and has good absorbability. Moreover, non-woven fabric is safe for human health, does not cause any harm for people’ skin or affect negatively on their health.
  • The third advantage : non-woven fabric is much cheaper than many other materials ( woven fabric, paper, … ). Moreover, in order to know which fabric roll is of good quality we need to consider 3 criteria : Color uniformity – No technical errors generated – Light weighting
Buy non-woven fabric roll with large quantities in HCM City

Why customers ought to bulk-buy non-woven fabric roll of Duong Vinh Hoa Packaging Company?

Nowadays, non-woven fabric rolls are consumed in large quantities to meet the production needs of many enterprises. Duong Vinh Hoa’s non-woven fabric roll is a prestigious brand for customers to choose due to its preeminent quality.

Duong Vinh Hoa has more than 25 years of experiences in the manufacturing and supplying non-woven as well as woven fabric rolls , plastic bags, paper bags, … Being a brand which has a high position in its nation and foreign countries, Duong Vinh Hoa not only satisfies domestic needs but also affords to export its products to the international markets.

Non-woven fabric roll supplier with large quantities

3 reasons for customers to purchase fabric products of Duong Vinh Hoa Brand

  • Dominant quality : Despite being very durable, non-woven fabric products of Duong Vinh Hoa are diverse in designs, volumes, colours, textures, … which allow customers various options. Duong Vinh Hoa supplies products such as bags and also supplies raw materials to serve the packaging industry like woven fabric, non-woven fabric,…
  • Modern technology line : Duong Vinh Hoa is the packaging company that has the greatest production capacity until today : its production capacity can reach more than 22 million products/year thanks to the line system, up-to-date and automatic machines that are directly imported from foreign countries, forming the best quality non-woven fabric rolls.
  • Appealing and exclusive policies for customers : Today, Duong Vinh Hoa has free two-way shipping policy, consulting service and exclusive design service, product-return service is there is any defect.


Working with Duong Vinh Hoa, customers will be satisfied with our product quality – professional service – adequate after-policies. Contact to bulk-buy non-woven fabric roll immediately :  (84-272) 3900228


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