Quality inspection process of non-woven fabric manufacturer in Vietnam

Fabric quality inspection process of Duong Vinh Hoa non-woven fabric manufacturer in Vietnam.

To create the best non-woven fabric products supplied to the market, the non-woven fabric manufacturers in Vietnam have applied the product quality inspection process. In order to always ensure that customers have a suitable and best quality product? Let’s find out through the content of the article below!

1- Checking input materials is the first important factor.

When buying raw plastic beads made of nonwoven fabrics, non-woven fabric manufacturers in Vietnam always double-check and choose the source of the quality and prestige percent impurities within allowable limits. Concurrently, during the production process, the company’s technical team must always align the machine to measure the fabric evenly, avoiding different thicknesses and thinness in many areas. And must be present 100% of the time at the factory until completion.

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Checking input materials is an important factor in the quality inspection process of non-woven bags.

In addition, at this step, the color must be checked to be uniform, not different from the color sample requested by the customer, and signed for approval from the beginning. The factory will have a team of experts in charge of color mixing and pre-sampling to get the formula before mass production in each company. After that, the quality must be updated every day and notified by QC (Quality Control) to superiors and related departments to promptly handle problems.

2- Check the material cutting stage.

At the step of checking the material cutting stage, there are some points to note as follows:

Must cut to the correct size and only have errors within the size allowed by the customer. The cutting diagram will be signed and approved by the leader and board of directors in each company before implementation. At this stage, the team leader ensures the correct cutting technique and detects errors at the raw material inspection stage if any are remaining to minimize errors in the production process.

Raw material cutting stage at Vietnamese nonwoven fabric manufacturer.
Raw material cutting stage at Vietnamese nonwoven fabric manufacturer.

3. Check each stage while sewing series

This is the most important stage since many details of quality arise during the sewing as:


  • Printing on fabric: After the fabric is cut, it will be transferred to the printing department to print pictures, patterns, and logos on the fabric. Depending on the needs, the printed sample will respond as quickly as possible. The large, high-tech manufacturers often use modern printers and good ink quality to ensure the most perfect products.
  • Assemble deviated machine parts. 
  • During the production process, the factory’s technical team must be regularly present to promptly adjust the amount of fabric produced evenly to avoid different thickness and thinness on a product, ensuring the right color for customers. And limiting errors on non-woven bags such as thread breakage, stitch removal, thread extrusion, edge deviation…
Check each stage while sewing series
Check each stage while sewing series

During sewing, every stage in the factory must always have QC to examine this work and limit 95% of finished goods prior error.


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Non-woven fabric manufacturers in Vietnam always check finished products before packing.

After going through the above inspection stages such as input plastic materials, non-woven fabric production, cutting, sewing. Until this stage, the non-woven fabric manufacturer Vietnam will have a separate team just to check the finished products again before packaging.


Note that you should not wait for 100% of the goods to be sewn before checking the finished product once, but make sure to check in parallel as soon as the product is finished. Therefore, when an error is detected, it will respond immediately and directly at production for workers to notice and immediately correct the following products.

Checking finished products before sending will limit the risk
Checking finished products before sending will limit the risk

With the inspection process of stringent quality fabric as above, you can see the cost of checking goods for export control or in different countries is not significant. The issue here is to establish procedures to closely examine the domestic or export goods that go through these processes. That is the reason why the non-woven fabric manufacturer in Vietnam is always fully confident to meet the standards of all international or domestic customers at competitive prices. 

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