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Packaging Manufacture


Packaging consult service

Packaging consult service is quite a new service form, yet it becomes more and more important to enterprises when the companies need to lauch any product to the market. DVH packaging are 100% confident to meet customer needs when it comes to packaging design. By paying careful attention to customer desires, DVH knows the messages you want to spread through the products by offering you our consulting service.

Packaging design service

One research shows that 70% of the consumers purchasing goods based on their vision. It means people tend to buy products that are most eye-catching compared to other products appearing in the same shell. Therefore, we can see the importance of the packaging design service and we need to make the products impressive to improve our brand fame.

There are 7 tips to make an impressive packaging design service :

  • Simplicity of the packages
  •  Reflect product quality honestly
  • Be able to show specific of the products
  • Be able to make the products familiar to the customers
  • Be able to tell its own story 9 of the brand
  • Colors of labels, logos and slogans must stand out and be impressive
  • Must think about the brand development
    orientation of the product as soon as the package design begins

Packaging manufacture service

Each project has different levels and scopes, as well as special requests from the customers. Production schedule will be started immediately once all the recommendations about materials and form are approved through the consult and design processes.



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In order to accomplish the consultant role to the fullness, DVH always chooses the most useful information as well as the most effective solution to the customers. Each body of DVH Company has professional and permanent staff who are sure provide necessary news in time. Therefore, the implementing process will take place quickly

1. Role of being a packaging consultant

DVH Packaging Company desires to provide as much useful and related information to the customers as we can. We stay update on specifications, related information on our company website. However, any customer who has deeper questions please feel free to contact us for more detailed answers and suggestions.

If you want to make one of your ideas come true, feel free to contact our company so that we can organize a quick consult meeting. Therefore, DVH with many years of expreriences in production will help you determine what you need to improve, as well as specifications that both sides can afford.

2. Process of packaging consult service

  • Fill in the contact form here
  • DVH getting to know customer needs
  • Analize special points that packages need to achieve
  • Sketch ideas, consult carefully the designs
  • Consult production designs, appropriate printing methods

1. Role of artwork design on packaging products

Packaging design process is one of the most important process to attract the customers. The combination between colors, structure and product images creates the difference for the company brand. Standing with
many kinds of product on the same shell, a product with decent and eye-catching packages sure will receive attention of the customers. Moreover, making an impressive packages will help the business increase the income and improve the brand value and recognition on the market.

DVH is confident that our talented designer will absolutely create great packages to attract a lot of customers for you.

DVH Company desires to become not only a manufacture but also a customer’s partner by supporting the customers from the very first step : sketching ideas and designs to the production process. Our main
purpose is to bring eye-catching packages withh high quality to promote and honor customers’brands.

  • Form good impression for new customers with impressive packages

  • Create the dfference from other same kinds of products on the market

  • Contribute to the media advertisements, increase marketing effectiveness.

  • Improve reputation through a decent packages

  • Stimulate more demands for the product, increase sales

2. Artwork design process

  • Learn deeper about the business
  • Anailize its advantages through market research
  • Sketch ideas, consult carefully the designs
  • Consult production designs, appropriate printing methods
  • Finishing the design
  • Recieve feedback and review.

1. Role of packaging production

Cost management, delivery time, product quality are the most important criteria to each manufacturer.

Nowadays, however, management technology is getting much more important, DVH aims for a purchasing exprerience in which all information from specifications, delivery time is shared in real time.

This is the ERP system that DVH Company plans to achieve, promising to provide all order information in a transparent and accurate manner.

From there, we want to faith in customers, helping both sides discover different problems in each stage of production. When it is possible to identify the problem by the time it starts, time and cost of production will be managed effectively, bringing the most competitive price to the customer.

For more detailed information, please read the “ Export” page to know
more about processes ad steps of qualily managemen of our company.

2. Process

More steps to start producting with us are below.

  • Contact for accurate consult
  • Confirm final specifications
  • Quote on final specifications
  • Confirm the contract
    Making samples ( if applicable )
  • Manufacturing regarding to the standards
  • Delivery and Customer Care

Policies/ freferential
treatment from DVH

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