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Supplying Mechinery In Packaging Industry

DVH Company caj provide advices as well as supply many kinds of machines which produce PP plastic packages, BOPP laminated PP woven bags. Specifications and production capacity is suitable for each job.

With more than 20 years sticking with the field, we dersire to use up all of our knowledges to support, consult enterprises which crave for development potential in the packaging industry.

Flastic – fabric – layer supplying service


– MI index: 3.4
– Origin: Ả rập Xê út
– Manufacturer: APC


Melting point (MFI) : 0.3 to 20g/10 minutes (190oC, 2.16 kg). Has straight lines that contain short horizontal lines. Has good verticaland horizontalforce, high transparency.


PP woven fabric in roll shape ( also known as “manh”) is made from PP palstic with high mechanical properties, strong so it’s mainfunction is creating mechanical strength for the products, helping the packages withstand horizontal, vertical, tensile and impact forces.

Non-woven Fabric

– Polypropylene Fabric appears in non-woven roll shape, Tnt Fabric.
– Make to order
– 2 types : 2.4m, 3.2m

BOPP film is divided into 2 types

– Glossy film –
Dim film

Printing process service

Manufaturing and Supplying packaging products – Duong Vinh Hoa Company provides packaging printing services with easy ways to do. We also we have diverse beautiful designs with more than 15 years of expriences so we can ensure customers safe and high quality packages.

Professional staff always bring satisfaction of the paper packaging product quality when printing and designing here.

The printing process, producing quality paper packaging happen thanks to the investment in machinery and equipment up to modern standards, including a variety of machines such as cutting, gluing, laminating, UV shaped … Besides, Duong Vinh Hoa sets the most competitive printing price on the market today.

Offset, Flexo

Flexo printing packages is applied flexo printing technology, in which most of the packages are PP woven bags, rice bags, fertiliser bags,…

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is a very modern method which is applied to print packages for plastic products, nilon, creating highend products with high quality and high definition. This is the techinique that holds the key element in the packaging industry.

Silk Printing

Silk printing is the technique that lasts longest. Silk printing method is applied based on the theory that shows only part of ink is absorbed through the printing mesh to print on the surface of the printing materials. This is the main method of printing non-woven bags and other popular products like paper, fabric, metal, wood, .. because this method is flexible ( printing in small quantities, rapid deployment,… )

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